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Mango Ginger Jam
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Ingredient Lemons, fresh ginger, overripe mangoes(peeled and diced), water, sugar, crystallized ginger(cut fine).
Method of Preparation Grate the lemon rind and squeeze out the juice. Scrape the fresh ginger and bruise it with a rolling pin and tie it in a piece of muslin. Take a pan and put the mangoes, lemon rind, lemon juice, water and muslin bag with fresh ginger in it. Cook on low heat till the mango softens. Remove the muslin bag after squeezing it well so as to catch all the flavour of the ginger. Add the sugar and the crystallized ginger and cook till the setting point of the jam is reached. Cool and pack in sterilized jars.
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Preparatoin Time NA
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Calories NA
Nutritions NA
Collected From Budhwar,K.2002.Romance Of The Mango.First Edition.Penguin Books India.

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