Recipe of Mango Fruit

Mango Jelly
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Ingredient Ripe mango(sliced), water, sugar, lime juice
Method of Preparation Put the mango slices in a pan with 450 ml water and simmer for 30 minutes or till tender. Cool a little bit and then press it to get all the juice out. Then add water and press it out a second time to remove all the liquid juice. Weigh the remnants in the muslin bag and deuct it from the weight of the mango slices. Add sugar equal to one and half times the remaining weight. Keep the pan on low heat till the sugar is dissolved. Add the lime juice and bring syrup to a rolling boil until the temperature reaches 230 degree F/110 degree C gas or the setting point is reached.
Region Mainly belongs to the World
Preparatoin Time NA
Serve Time NA
Calories NA
Nutritions NA
Collected From Budhwar,K.2002.Romance Of The Mango.First Edition.Penguin Books India.

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