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Andhra Avakai
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Ingredient raw mangoes, mustard seeds, sesame oil, dry red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt (as per taste)
Method of Preparation Select the mangoes that will go into the ooragai preparation carefully. Mangoes that are sour and firm are generally preferred. Make sure the mangoes are dry. if wet, the mixture gets spoilt. Cut the mangoes into small 1-inch pieces, keeping the outer skin intact. Grind mustard seeds and add dry red chilli powder to it. A fine powder of this mixture is required for the preparation. Now add this powder, turmeric powder and salt to oil.Take a large glass container or tumbler, clean and wipe it well. Fill the mixture in the container and let it remain for 3- 4 days. Shake the bottle daily so that the mangoes and the masala is mixed properly. Soon the mangoes turn soft and the oil rises up, to the top of the container. Transfer the pickle to a larger bowl. Temper the mustard seeds in 50 grams oil. Let the tempering cool and then pour over the pickle and mix.
Region Mainly belongs to the Andhra Pradesh
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