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Mango Balushahi
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Ingredient plain flour (maida), ghee, mango pulp, a pinch of soda bi carbonate, ghee for frying, sugar, water
Method of Preparation Sieve the flour,add ghee to it and mix.Add the mango pulp and soda -bi-carb and mix well to form a soft dough.Mould the dough into little balls and flatten.fry in ghee till light brown on low flame.keep aside to cool. for the sugar syrup- Mix the water and sugar.Melt the sugar and boil over low heat till the mixture starts boiling.To test if the syrup is ready drop a little bit in a plate,if it hardens quickly,the syrup is ready for the balushaihs. how to proceed- Dip the balushahias in sugar syrup for 4-5min and leave aside to dry in a greased plate.The balushahis are ready when the syrup has dried.
Region Mainly belongs to the India
Preparatoin Time 45 mins
Serve Time NA
Calories NA
Nutritions NA
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