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Magnificent Mango Ice Cream
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Ingredient ripe mangoes(peeled and chopped), sugar, sweetened condensed milk, milk, lime juice, coconut rum or 2 teaspoons vodka
Method of Preparation Place mangoes and sugar in blender and process until smooth.Add milks, lime juice and coconut rum or vodka to the container and blend until thoroughly combined.Adjust sugar to taste, it should be fairly sweet.Pour into ice cream freezer and process per manufacturers directions. Place ice cream in a sealable container and put in freezer for at least three hours before serving.
Region Mainly belongs to the NA
Preparatoin Time 40mins
Serve Time NA
Calories 302.6
Nutritions (AMOUNT PER SERVING) Calories from Fat 63 (21%) Total Fat 7 g (10%) Saturated Fat 4.2 g (21%) Cholesterol 25.4 mg (8%) Sodium 94.2 mg (3%) Total Carbohydrate 54.8 g (18%) Dietary Fiber 2 g (7%) Sugars 50.2 g (200%) Protein 7 g (13%)
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