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Mango Flan Recipe
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Ingredient 7 tbsp - crushed Marie biscuits, 4 tbsp - melted Butter or Ghee, 1 tbsp - powdered Sugar, 1 litre - Milk, 1 - lemon(squeezed), 1 tbsp - whipped Cream, 3 tbsp - powdered Sugar, 1 - fresh mango(peeled and diced), 3/4 cup - Mango juice.
Method of Preparation Mix together the crushed biscuits, butter and sugar. Fill it in a baking dish. Press gently and put it in the fridge to set. Boil the milk and cool. When slightly cool, squeeze the juice of the lemon. This will curdle the milk. Separate the residue from the liquid. Beat together cream and sugar. Add mango juice and milk residue. Now arrange diced mangoes on the set crust. Pour the filling over set mangoes. Keep it in the fridge for about half an hour and you are all set to serve.
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