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Bhendi Khatti (Grated Mango Pickle) Recipe
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Ingredient 2.5 kg - rajapuri mangoes (grated) raw, 200 g - Mustard oil, 1/4 kg - Mango masala for pickles (readymade), 3 pods Garlic (peeled), 3 tsp - Acetic acid, small pieces of muslin cloth (baby handkerchief sized), sufficient amount of water to soak the bheendis, salt to taste.
Method of Preparation Peel, wash and grate the mangoes. Heat the oil to boiling point. Let it cool completely. To the grated mangoes (placed in a vessel) add the mango masala, peeled garlic, 100 gms - oil and salt. Mix well. Tie small portions of this mixture in each piece of cloth. For Storing: Take a jar full of water. Boil the water and let it cool completely. Add acetic acid and the remaining 100 gms - of oil. Put the small potlis (i.e. the pickle tied in cloth pieces) in this water. Store in a sterilized glass jar ensuring that the potlis are below water and not floating on top. To do this, press the potlis with your hand. Repeat every 5-6 days. In 15-20 days, you can open the potlis and enjoy the pickle
Region Mainly belongs to the India
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