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Bengali mishit aamer
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Ingredient raw mangoes, salt, turmeric powder, choon or katha (calcium hydroxide helps dry mangoes), For the panch phoron: jeera seeds (cumin seeds), mustard seeds, fennel or mori seeds, kalonji seeds, black jeera seeds. For the tadka: mustard oil, dry red chillies, jaggery (grated), roasted cumin powder
Method of Preparation Cut raw mangoes into small pieces and apply salt and turmeric powder. Place it in the sun for a day. Meanwhile, for the tadka, add the five spices called paach phoron. i.e; jeera seeds, mustard seeds, kalonji seeds, fennel or mori seeds and black jeera seeds to hot mustard oil. Also add dry red chillies to it. When the paach phoron start to splutter, add the mango mix to this and fry in oil. Cook the mangoes in the tadka until they absorb the oil for about 3- 4 minutes. Now, add jaggery and roasted cumin powder. Stir until the jaggery dissolves completely. Leave the preparation to cool. Place in a closed air-tight container. every alternate day place it in the sun to enhances the taste of the achar.
Region Mainly belongs to the Bengal
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