Mango Phenology Monitoring System

Observations based on modified BBCH scale generate a voluminous data-set and it becomes difficult to handle it manually. Therefore, for efficient management of mango phenology data a tool was developed on PHP platform.

This tool can be used for:

  1. Arranging the phenological data on time scale by decoding phenophases and depicting as images.
  2. Helps in summarizing the data by generating frequency tables of different phenophases for easy interpretation.
  3. The depiction of the phenophase dynamics through graph for clear understanding on different aspects of flowering phenology.
  4. Depicts phenophases as per BBCH scale simultaneously with the help of a line graph.
  5. This software can use data collected in the excel sheet in a standard format which can be readily depicted as a series of small images, showing progression of the stages and the helping the researcher for correction or cleaning of raw data.
  6. It generates phenophase frequency sheet on time scale which can be directly used of developing graphs using graphical software.
  7. Built in module for making graphs with selective phenophases can be used.

For .xlsx file or Microsoft office workbook 2007 and above(.xlsx) extension file.

For (.xlsx) Click Here

For .xls file or Microsoft office excel 97-2003 worksheet (.xls) extension file.

For (.xls) Click Here

How to Use the Tool

  1. Click on the Blue button for xls or Click on Red Button for .xlsx file.
  2. Click on browse button and choose your file from your computer. Open file from the directory/folder where xls or xlsx is saved.
  3. Click on Compute Button.
  4. Images of phenophases as per data in Excel sheet are displayed.
  5. Click on Get Result button visible at the bottom of the table.
  6. Frequency Ratio of the given Data.

    After that click on Submit button at the Bottom of the Table.
  7. Select at least 6 Pheno Code to get Graph.
  8. And ,the Graph in front of you.

The Website is Developed under the DBT ( Department of BioTechnology ) project entitled as "Development of National Database on Mango".