Modified BBCH scale developed for Mango.
Principal Growth Stage Code Description
0 Bud development
010 Dormancy : leaf buds are closed and covered with green or brownish scales
011 Beginning of leaf bud swelling : bud scales begin to separate
013 End of leaf bud swelling : scales completely separated, light green buds emerged
017 Beginning of bud break : light green to dark coppery tan leaf tips just visible
019 Bud break : light green to dark coppery tan leaf tips visible 5 to 10 mm above bud scales
1 Leaf development
110 Leaf tips more than 10 mm above bud scales
111 First leaves unfolded
115 More leaves unfolded: petioles visible
119 All leaves completely unfolded and expanded
3 shoot development
311 Beginning of shoot growth: axes of developing shoots visible, about 10% of final length.
312 Shoots about 20% of final length
315 Shoots about 50% of final length
317 Shoots about 70% of final length
319 Shoots about 90% of final length
5 Inflorescence emergence
510 Buds closed and covered with green or brownish scales.
511 Beginning of bud swelling, scales begin to separate
513 Bud burst: first floral primordial just visible, panicle development begins
514 Panicle axis begins to elongate, leaves are visible in mixed panicles
515 Flowers are visibly separated, secondary axes begin to elongate
517 Secondary axes elongated, flower buds are swollen and first light green to crimson petal tips visible in some flowers. In mixed panicles, leaves have reached final length
519 End of panicle development: secondary axes fully developed, many flowers with green to crimson petal tips visible and some opened. Leaves fully developed in case of mixed panicles
6 Flowering
610 Flowering, first flowers open.
611 Beginning of flowering: 10% of panicle flowers open.
613 Early flowering: 30% of panicle flowers open
615 Full flowering: more than 50% of panicle flowers open
617 Flower fading: majority of petals fallen or dry
619 End of flowering: all petals fallen or dry. Fruit set
7 Fruit Development
711 Fruits at 10% final size, styles still visible. Beginning of physiological fruit drop.
713 Fruits at 30% of final size, end of physiological fruit drop.
715 Fruits at 50% of final size
719 Fruit at standard cultivar size, shoulders fully developed
8 Maturity of fruit
810 Physiological maturity: Fruit fully developed, flesh creamy green in colour.
811 Beginning of skin colour change.
819 Fruit colour fully developed. Fruit ripe for consumption, with correct firmness and typical taste
9 Senescence
911 Barren panicle.
916 Dried shoots, Dried/ dropped panicle.

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