References on Mango

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10175 An oxidoreductase from 'Alphonso' mango catalyzing biosynthesis of furaneol and reduction of reactive carbonyls.
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10178 Nutritional evaluation of processed mango (Mangifera indica - Kent) seed kernel meal as replacement for maize in the diet of growing crossbred rabbits.
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10180 Kailash Prasad Rai: the custodian of high-yielding diversity of 'Bathua mango' in Pusa Block, Samastipur, India.
Singh S. K., Awtar Singh, , 2013
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10181 Ahmad Kusasi: mango custodian farmer from Telagalangsat, South Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Rafieq A., , 2013
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10182 Suradech Tapuan: a champion side grafter and custodian of unique mango diversity.
Poswang S., Nappornphan C., Sripinta P., Somsri S., , 2013
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10183 Vinod Rai: the custodian of richest diversity of seedling mangoes in Pusa Block, Samastipur, India.
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10184 Dattatraya Hegde: the custodian of unique 'appe mango' of the Western Ghats, India.
Vasudeva Ramesh, Author Affiliation: Salkani in Sirsi Taluk, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India., 2013
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10185 Vishweshwar Ganapati Hegde: the master grafting expert and barefoot breeder of local mango varieties.
Vasudeva Ramesh, , 2013
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