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Construction of progeny population with resistance to mango anthracnose and their identification by SSRs.

Yao Q. S., Ma X. W., Lei X. T., Zhan R. L., Wang S. B., Wu H. X.

Author Affiliation: South Subtropical Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Zhanjiang, China.
  ( 277-282)

Abstract : Anthracnose is a major disease of mango. The object of this work was to identify mango resistance to anthracnose caused by a highly pathogenic strain. The tested cultivars were from the mango germplasm resources garden of the South Sub-tropical Crops Research Institute. The cultivar 'Chun Hwang' was found to be highly resistant while 'Irwin' was very sensitive. We generated a progeny by crossing these two cultivars during November to December, 2008, in Sanya of Hainan. 219 progeny fruits were harvested and 184 seedlings were gained in 2009. The fruit set percentage was 2.18%. 167 cultivars were identified as genuine hybrids based on analysis of 12 SSRs.

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