Patents on Mango

Patent ID Title Author
46 CN1559503 (A) Mango couth suppressing capsule and method of preparatuion long effect capsule XU XIAOBIN [CN] Detail
47 CN1733264 (A) Saline buccal tablet for clearing and moistening throat TANG DIGUANG CHEN [CN] Detail
48 CN1826869 (A) Anti-season mango cultivation method LEI KONGDIAN LI [CN] Detail
49 CN1844133 (A) Process for preparing high purity mangiferin DENG JIAGANG LI [CN] Detail
50 CN200956738 (Y) Combined fruit picker ZHAO YUAN [CN] Detail
51 CN201025856 (Y) Fresh fruit with novel structure SHAOLING FENG [CN] Detail
52 CN201101075 (Y) Trapper for phototactic destructive insect HUADI WANG [CN] Detail
53 CN2501292 (Y) Alligator fruit-picking device LIANG LANJIA [CN] Detail
54 CN2533674 (Y) Multi-taste freeze-drying fresh-keeping fruits/vegetables structure LIN KAIZHONG [CN] Detail
55 CN2698345 (Y) Mango containing cough-relieving capsule MENG YONGYE [CN]; HUANG GUANYU [CN] Detail
56 CN2756334 (Y) Internal chain plate type fruit grading device MENG BISHENG [CN]; LIANG ZHAOXIN [CN]; ZENG BOSHENG [CN]; MO JIANLIN [CN]; LAO RONGFU [CN]; NONG JIGUANG [CN]; GU MEIYING [CN]; HUANG MIN [CN]; LIANG YOUHONG [CN] Detail
57 CN2875729 (Y) Improred fruit knife structure GUO HANYING [CN] Detail
58 DE10001652 (A1) Herbal mixture which can be used to flavor milk products and other foods and can improve the storage stability of these foods, includes coriander, mango powder, ajowan and cinnamon BUSCHAK BIRGIT [DE] Detail
59 DE102010028065 (A1) Core removing unit for core removing device for core removal of fruit, particularly mango, comprises cutter device for core removal of fruit and has circumferentially closed, central core removing cutter AICHERT WILLI [DE] Detail
60 DE10208678 (A1) Polyurethane foam product for cosmetic or dermatological use comprises the in situ reaction product of a urethane prepolymer with an aqueous dispersion containing selected active ingredients SCHOLZ WOLFHARD [DE]; SCHELGES HEIKE [DE]; WADLE ARMIN [DE]; BANOWSKI BERNHARD [DE] Detail
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