Patents on Mango

Patent ID Title Author
31 CN102132848 (A) Processing method for special tropical fruit grains of dairy products YONGHUI WU; LI WU; YAN ZENG Detail
32 CN102178019 (A) Formula of chewable tablets for preventing anemia in pregnant women and preparation method thereof JIANBIN YE Detail
33 CN102234569 (A) Preparation method of peony winter jasmine essence SHENMING LIU Detail
34 CN102246837 (A) Preparation method of medicament for preventing barley red spiders XINRONG ZHOU Detail
35 CN102246905 (A) Preparation method of Sharpbelly bait KEHUA YIN Detail
36 CN1076339 (A) Preparing method for crisp fruit and vegetable slice CHENGXI MA [CN] Detail
37 CN1130982 (A) Method for preparation of mango powder JIANLI WANG [CN]; ZHENGXUE GUAN [CN]; WANG XU [CN] (WANG JIANLI, ; GUAN ZHENGXUE, ; WANG XU) Detail
38 CN1153023 (A) Beverage and its preparing method HUAI BAOCHENG [CN] Detail
39 CN1173993 (A) Health beverage and its preparation process ZHANG SHOUYI [CN]; ZHANG SHOUZHI [CN] Detail
40 CN1256870 (A) Mixture for reducing fruit drop MIAO PINGSHENG [CN]; HUA MIN [CN] (PINGSHENG MIAO, ; MIN HUA) Detail
41 CN1306748 (A) Gaseous fruit and vegetable ripener YANG LAN [CN] Detail
42 CN1314160 (A) Oral pill for curing diabetes and its complication WANG SHEN [CN] Detail
43 CN1395869 (A) Nutritive fruit-vegetable tablet NI BAOXING [CN] Detail
44 CN1478881 (A) Making method of fruit wine PAN CHENGLI [CN]; WANG QILIN [CN] Detail
45 CN1490014 (A) Mangiferin preparation and production thereof HUANG FUMAN [CN] Detail
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