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About E-Platform

This platform is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace which connects you to the farmer, removing middlemen, reducing farm-to-table time and most importantly ensuring fresh produce reaches you for the sincere price proportionate to the farmer's toil decided by the farmer himself. Our intent is to bring the mango farmers and mango lovers like you onto a common platform.

It will help you to select from various cultivation techniques, facilitate conversation with the farmer for queries, help choose from various locations where the required produce is being cultivated and of course it will be delivered on your doorsteps.

Further this platform also helps to educate mango industry stakeholders. Our aim is also to promote phytonutrient properties of mango products and potential health benefits to consumers with mango consumption.

Crop Information

This section will comprise of sharing of information, trends related to mango crop in overseas as well as in domestic markets. Through information sharing each person at every stage can gain more knowledge about the mango market and make better decisions related to mango marketing. Here users can also subscribe to mango crop report related alert.

Improved practices for Mango Quality

Mango quality continues to be the number one influence on a person’s decision to buy. Here we will try to promote good practices carried at farmers level with offering field visit and tasting local varieties by consumers. Like they can find nearby places/growers and can have a field visit. These live examples will be used for promotion of good practices, quality and tasty fruit at growers end.

Promotion with Social Media

Social media platforms to connect stakeholders of mango industry will be formed here.

Meet Suppliers

Growers can meet and find suitable suppliers with just one click. Moreover they carry multiple options to market their produce

Industry Producers Organisation

Further growers can be benefited by being part of FPOs, promoting their efforts thereby.


This section is somehow linked with educating growers and users on the marketing aspect of mangoes through various promotional ideas for marketing local produce, varieties. Awareness and promotion companion can be advertised through mango fests even in village levels and declaring days with name of local varieties for sake of highlighting only.

Promo Ideas and Marketing Messages

Here additive we want to promote mango among youth by channelizing mango selfie promotion. Contest can be created with attractive gift cards, incentives with that.

Mango local variety promotion

Local variety of one area can be advertised in other state/region and giving consumers good shot to varietal purchase instead of routine purchasing.

Mango Festivals

Fests not only on city/town/state level but also under rural roots will have strong effects on mango promotions.


Since consumer awareness on quality, health parameter has increased not only in urban areas but also in some parts of rural belts also. This highlights severe need to show nutritive status and benefits to consumers. Under this section we have aimed to include variety wise nutritive value, consumption benefits. Database can be worldwide and there is possibility that foreigners will get to know about Indian mangoes nutritive benefits and minute scope of demand may arise.

Mango Menu promotion

This section will comprise of all year mango availability to consumers. Like not only fresh produce but growers can facilitate value added products from mangoes, so we are calling it as 'mango menu'. Many consumers consider it a seasonal treat, a luscious fresh fruit they associate with summer only. But the year-round availability of Fresh Mango and its incredible versatility will be planned here.

E-Network of India's Mango Farmers Lucknow

Farmer Name :Ajit Shukla
Address :Village- Para Bandrahi, Post- Atari (Mall)
Area under mango :50 bigha
Varieties wise estimate production(Quintal) :Dashehari 400, Chausa 100, Lucknow Safeda 30, Bombay Green 10, Ramkela 5-10, Langra 2-5
Phone :9648525423
Email :ajitaam79@gmail.com

Ajit Shukla
Anupam Mishra
Ashiq Ali
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Chaitu Prasad
Harihar Singh
Md Saeed Khan
Nandlal Kushwaha
Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi
Shiv Mohan Pandey
Syed Ali Imam
Triyugi Narayan Mishra
Vijay Kumar Chaubey
Viran Khushwaha
Vivek Kumar Gupta
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