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New mango hybrid NMBP-1201

NMBP-1201 is a hybrid cross between Irwin and Kensington Pride (KP).

Yield is greater and more consistent than KP. The fruit has an average weight of 361 grams. It has a soft red to dark red blush over a yellow background and sweet, rich KP-style flavour with a slight tang. It is an early to mid-season variety maturing up to two weeks earlier than KP. It can tolerate hot water dipping and VHT. NMBP-1201 is licensed and protected under Australian Plant Breeder’s Rights legislation.


Medium to heavy yielding with a tendency for biennial bearing.

Fruit weight

The average fruit weight of NMBP-1201 was 361g with 24% of fruit in the 460?540 gram range. 

Harvest timing

NMBP-1201 matures early to mid-season. In some seasons, harvest has been up to two weeks earlier than Kensington Pride at the same location.

New mango hybrid NMBP-1201

New mango hybrid NMBP-1201

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