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New mango hybrid NMBP-4069

NMBP-4069 is a hybrid cross from parents Van Dyke and Kensington Pride (KP). It has potential for very high yields. The fruit has an average weight of 378 grams. The skin has a soft pink to red blush over a yellow background and is consistent through the whole canopy. It has a sweet, rich KP-style flavour with a slight tang. It is a mid-season variety maturing between KP and R2E2. NMBP-4069 is licensed and protected under Australian Plant Breeder’s Rights legislation.


Medium to heavy yielding variety with a tendency for biennial bearing. Tree yield has varied greatly with extremely high yields recorded on some individual trees in some years.

Fruit weight

The average fruit weight of NMBP-4069 is 378g. 

Harvest timing

Maturity is early to mid-season. In Kununurra the harvest has varied between one week earlier and two weeks later than Kensington Pride. In Mareeba the harvest season has generally been about one week earlier than KP.

New mango hybrid NMBP-4069

New mango hybrid NMBP-4069

New mango hybrid NMBP-4069

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