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Nawab Hasan, is a mango orchardist belongs to Village Kasmandi Kalan, District Lucknow, (Uttar Pradesh). Nawab Hasan, is an owner of mango orchard of an area of approximate 1.5 hectare. Average age of his orchard is about 50-100 years. NA commercial and 51 non-commercial varieties have been planted by Nawab Hasan in his orchard for different purposes. The total commercial varieties in his orchard are NA out of which Surkhi, Desi, Bombaiya, Matka Gola, Chandni, Bhura, Nauraj, Surkha Matiyara, Nazir Pasand, Baudi and Kamal Pasand are the important varieties. Besides these commercial varieties, 51 non-commercial varieties have also been sustaining in his orchard. Because of its affection and attachment to the mango trees planted by forefathers and now their conservation is also supported by a fair price for the unique varieties available in his orchard. and to increase his source of income, he collected different mango varieties from Malihabad, Shahbad and Sandila. He is also serving society by sharing all his varieties to the surrounding areas. He requires assistance in the collective marketing of different varieties is required, especially for smaller farmers to conserve his green wealth and ultimately to maintain & enhance his source of income. He is very hopeful for the future of his orchard, and expects that the next generation will take interest in conservation of existing varieties and also to bring more important variety in his orchard.

Mango Varieties of Nawab Hasan
As per the perception of Nawab Hasan, Surkhi is excellent quality of mango variety which ripe during medium season. Taste of raw fruit is sour, flavour of ripe fruit is excellent, unsuitable for pickle, unsuitable for table, suitable for sucking, medium size fruit, orange yellow peel, orange yellow pulp, fibrous and reason of demand is taste. Nawab Hasan does exchanges fruits of Surkhi with others.
As the Nawab Hasan said that variety named as Deshi produces good quality fruits. It shows medium ripening time. Taste of raw fruit in sour. After ripening, the fruits shows good flavoured. The variety is suitable for pickle. Ripe fruits are unsuitable as table variety. The fruits are suitable for sucking. The peel color is yellow and pulp color is yellow in ripe fruits. The pulp of ripe fruit comprisesfibres. The fruit is of small size. The taste is the main reason for its demand of this variety in market. No exchange of fruits with any other thing has been reported by Nawab Hasan.
According to Nawab Hasan quality of Bambaiya is excellent, ripening time is early season, taste of raw fruit is sour, flavour of ripe fruit is good, unsuitable for pickle, suitable for table, unsuitable for sucking, green peel, yellow pulp, fibreless, and bigsize fruit. Reason of demand is taste. Nawab Hasan doesn't exchanges fruits of Bambaiya with others.
As per the perception of Nawab Hasan, The quality of fruits has been found excellent in Matka Gola. Time of ripening is also medium. In raw stage, it tastes sour. On the other hand the fruits are excellent flavoured after ripening. It is an unsuitable variety for the purpose of pickle preparation. It is unsuitable to serve as table variety. The variety is suitable for sucking. The peel of ripe fruit is orange yellow and pulp is of orange yellow in color. Fibres are present in the pulp of ripe fruit. The size of the fruit is medium. taste is the main reason for its demand in market. The exchange of fruits has been reported for this variety by the Nawab Hasan.

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